Couvelaire Plots Killing Suki

Davis Films has signed French action helmer Louis-Pascal Couvelaire (“Michel Vaillant”, “Sweat”) to direct an adaptation of the Robert Leininger’s cult thriller novel “Killing Suki Flood” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Leininger’s novel begins with a chance meeting on a deserted New Mexico highway between Frank, a traveler with a criminal secret, and Suki, a sexy young woman escaping from her sadistic boyfriend.

Suki discovers that Frank is carrying a large quantity of stolen cash and he finds that she has taken her boyfriend’s stash of diamonds.

Casting is underway on the English-language movie, which is budgeted in the $30 million range. A summer shoot is planned in the same Nevada and New Mexico locations which appear in the book.

A Spring 2008 release is planned in France, international territories soon after. Katherine Tomlinson (TV’s “La Femme Nikita”) penned the script.