“Conjuring” Featurette Teases Spin-Off “The Nun”

Following this year’s first sequel to a spin-off of “The Conjuring” films, next year sees the franchise trial its second spin-off in the form of “The Nun”. The new entry sees the second film’s antagonist, the demonic nun known as“Valak (Bonnie Aarons), getting her own film.

A new featurette about the franchise is general is now online, a clip that ties into the home video release of “Annabelle Creation,” with a sneak peek at some of the filming taking place on “The Nun”. Corin Hardy helms the new film and is keenly excited about the possibilities of this new chapter. Jump to the 3:55 mark to check it out.

This year’s “Annabelle: Creation” generated over $303 million worldwide at the box-office.