Colm Feore for “Pearl Harbor”

The real Admiral Kimmel, head of the Pacific Fleet and stationed at Pearl Harbor during the attack, has ben labelled the scape goat to whom the blame fell upon for the attack. What did Feore think of the real man? “He was instantly accused of not knowing enough about this, I think that he did get a bad wrap and I think they needed somebody to blame really quickly and he just seemed convenient”. So why play him in a sympathetic way? “With a conglomeration of opinion and the script that was delivered, and Michael Bay’s wishes – that’s what we decided to do”. He also came in later into the production than most of the others, so missed the chance to talk to the survivors.

One big difference, the real Admiral Kimmel at the time was in his late 50’s, Feore on the other hand is in his early 40’s. Also seems that the golf game Kimmel was playing on the morning (as seen in the movie) wasn’t by choice, rather it was exercise he had to follow for health reasons. Feore was even more reluctant as he doesn’t golf and had another big complication: “I said to these guys even if I did golf, I’d be left handed and so I would be turning my ass to camera – don’t worry they said, it’ll be fine. I said but I can’t do it, I’d look like an idiot – so they took the first AD away, shaved him, put him in plus fours, gave him an antique club and you’ll see me in the shot just standing by watching him like I know what I’m doing”.

So what did he try and add to the character? “Michael didn’t have time for foreboding, I felt where can I wedge it in and you know this is the kind of stuff you do. Minute, miniscule degrees. You add a hair of, a nuance of something and that is your contribution. Any more they go oh I’d love to talk about this but the sun is going down, if we don’t get this shot its going to be $100,000 dollars for the day and we just don’t have that kind of money – shut up, stand over there, say what you know. Its brutally simple really”. He spent a week in Hawaii, a few days in LA and a bit in Mexico in the “Titanic” tank shooting his scenes. You know that first teaser for the film with the planes flying by the kids, the washing lines, etc? That was ready after only three days into filming.

Feore is mostly known for roles in smaller, quieter films so why do a major studio Bruckheimer movie? “First its an enormous amount of fun…everthing is going to be blown up, its going to be heroic, historic and you’re going to be a part of it – WOW this is cool, this is what making movies can be about if you spend this kind of money and its a great tonic to the wonderful, dark, moody films that I often do…it becomes part & parcel of resumes, my career mantra at the moment is to overwhelm people with volume, just keep showing up”. Its working though, after his role as the villain in “Stephen King’s Storm of the Century” he jokes when he goes to nursery schools the staff and kids get nervous.

Will he get more roles from this? “My real belief is that nothing is connected to anything. If your Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett or Kate Beckinsale, because they’re moving into iconic movie star roles and that kind of thing they’re going to have to shoulder that burden if they so choose, that’s a different thing altogether. for the rest of us its just about showing up, just keep showing up and doing the job and the illusion that it’s connected – that if you do this you might do that, if you do that it might lead to this to me its just utter bullsh*t, it simply doesn’t happen. You show up, somebody says you got the job done we didn’t go overtime, we all went home – great, you might get another gig. If you get recognised in the street its fun, but those aren’t usually the people who are hiring you.

He’s doing three films at the moment, including “The Sum of All Fears” with Ben Affleck who he’s never had a chance to meet yet despite their working together on both projects (they never have scenes together). He plays a South African arms dealer who sells the bomb crucial to the story in the early stages of the film. He did a week’s worth of shooting before this junket last weekend and had two more days to do this week back in Montreal.

Another he’s involved with is the Martin Lawrence/Steve Zahn comedy “National Security” which is played seriously but is a comedy. They’re ontime, under budget and steaming along – the trailer is also done. The last is “Point of Origin”, an HBO movie from Bryan Singer’s cameraman Tom Siegel which stars Ray Liotta and John Leguizamo. He finished work on that in LA last Friday before flying to Hawaii to do the junket.