Cloverfield Monster Reveal & Rumblings

The “Cloverfield” viral publicity campaign – blurry photos of panicking extras aren’t worth posting daily news updates about, I leave that to the bloggers – is thankfully coming to an end soon as the much anticipated film draws near and we finally get to see if it lives up to the hype.

It also means in these final few days before release, the juicy stuff is now finally hitting the wire. First up, Paramount and Myspace are throwing a surprise party in New York related to the film’s character of Rob. MySpace is randomly picking 200 people to join a big celebration in the Lower East Side for the film – all you have to do is befriend Cloverfield on MySpace and RSVP to the party to be entered into the drawing. Just click the poster below to do that:

Finally comes what was purported to be a shot of the monster, or rather the tie-in toy figure that’s being released at the same time over at Movieweb.

UPDATE: Sources for Dark Horizons can now confirm that the image mentioned above in the final link is NOT the Cloverfield monster sadly.