“Cats” Awards Chances Potentially Neutered

Cats Awards Chances Potentially Neutered

A new trailer for Tom Hooper’s “Cats” is expected to land shortly, coming well ahead of the film itself which reportedly is unlikely to be completed in time for awards consideration by many guilds and critics groups.

Indiewire reports that this already much discussed and heavily CG augmented adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical won’t make any of the major guild deadlines (DGA, SAG, PGA) and screening a finished version for critics groups is out of the question.

There is some discussion of letting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association screen the picture as a ‘work in progress’ so it will be eligible for the Golden Globes, but it’s still reportedly unclear if it will happen.

Oscar is where it may still have a chance as nomination voting doesn’t begin until January 2nd, two weeks after the film’s wide release on December 20th, but without the momentum from the earlier guilds and critics awards, it could well be dismissed.

As is, it sounds like the film won’t be finished until right before its release.