“Airplane Mode” Joins ‘Boring Gaming’ Genre

Airplane Mode Joins Boring Game Genre

AMC Games, the newly launched gaming division of the cable broadcaster, has released the first photos from their first game title “Airplane Mode” which goes one step beyond ‘walking simulator’ titles like “Dear Esther”.

Rather it’s a ‘sitting simulator’. The simulation game essentially has you sitting in an economy seat on a six-hour commercial transatlantic flight and offers realistic first-person views of everything that might happen.

This includes takeoff to landing, beverage service, turbulence, inclement weather, spotty wifi access, complementary aircraft information card, satellite imagery of your flight path, inflight magazine and ambient cabin noise. There will also be an in-flight safety video produced by IFC.

Hosni Auji developed the title which will launch in 2020. The game follows on from similar experiments in this sort of thing such as last year’s “The Ghan,” a 17-hour Australian broadcast of essentially a fixed camera on the front of the famed train running from Adelaide to Darwin through the heart of the outback.

Source: Polygon