Casting: Choi, Fishburne, Levi, Arnaud, Emmanuel

Casting Choi Fishburne Levi Arnaud Emmanuel

Past Lives
29-year-old “Parasite” and “Train to Busan” actor Choi Woo-shik is set to star in the Korean romancer “Past Lives” at A24. The film follows childhood sweethearts who meet in Korea and live parallel lives until they reunite and see what could have been years later. Celine Song helms while Scott Rudin and Eli Bush produce. Filming begins this Spring. [Source: Collider]

The Ice Road
Laurence Fishburne will co-star with Liam Neeson in the Jonathan Hensleigh-directed action-adventure “The Ice Road”. Ray McKinnon, Marcus Thomas, Benjamin Walker and Amber Midthunder co-star and filming is underway in Winnipeg, Canada.

The story follows a rescue mission over a frozen ocean to save trapped miners in a collapsed diamond mine in the far northern regions of Canada. Fishburne will plays Goldenrod, the trucking company owner who hires driver Mike (Neeson), and accompanies him on the dangerous mission. [Source: Deadline]

Zachary Levi (“Shazam”) and Cole Sprouse (“Riverdale”) are set to star in Steve Pink’s music-driven family comedy “Undercover” which hails from Lionsgate and Mandeville Films. Filming is set to begin in April.

Levi will play Jack, a down-on-his-luck rocker-turned-father who, to make ends meet, secretly joins a group of young musicians in a wedding cover band led by misfit Ben (Sprouse). Things start looking up for this ragtag band, but when Jack’s secret gets revealed, he rediscovers what’s truly important in life while teaching Ben to find his own voice. [Source: Collider]

The Winter House
Francois Arnaud (“Midnight Texas”) and Lili Taylor (“The Conjuring”) have signed on to star in Keith Boynton’s indie romantic thriller “The Winter House”. Hunter Emery, Beth Fowler and Stephen Bradbury co-star and shooting is underway in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Taylor plays a successful novelist seeking solitude in a rental home on a remote corner of New England in the dead of winter who encounters a handsome, charismatic and troubled grifter (Arnaud) who claims he’s the son of the landlord. As winter wears on, two lost souls offer each other salvation but know that the opposite is far more likely. [Source: Deadline]

Die Hart
Nathalie Emmanuel (“Game of Thrones,” “Furious 7”) is set to star opposite Kevin Hart and John Travolta in Quibi’s comedic action series “Die Hart” which is about to film in Atlanta.

Hart plays a fictionalized version of himself who must train at the world’s greatest action star school, run by a lunatic (Travolta). Emmanuel plays a tough-minded rival student and Hart must survive hilarious, over-the-top action sequences and face his fears if he wants to achieve his dream and land the role of a lifetime. [Source: Deadline]