Capricorn One Gets A Remake

Whilst John Carpenter may be the founding father of late 70’s to early 90’s genre movies, Peter Hyams proved over the same period to be one of the more reliable directors out there in that time.

Granted almost none of his films one would consider a masterpiece, but looking back on them his assorted filmmography delivered some flawed yet entertaining science-fiction tales and lightly enjoyable action thrillers that still hold up well today.

“2010,” “Outland,” “Timecop,” “The Star Chamber,” “The Presidio,” “Sudden Death,” “The Relic,” “End of Days” – it was a pretty solid track record with admittedly the odd stumble (“A Sound of Thunder,” “The Musketeer,” “Stay Tuned”).

Now, like Carpenter, he’s finding much of his early works are about to get the remake treatment. Already the Michael Douglas-led “The Star Chamber” and Sean Connery-led “Outland” are being remade, now “Capricorn One” is also on the cards reports Moviehole.

Elliott Gould, James Brolin, O.J. Simpson, Karen Black, Telly Savalas, Sam Waterston and Brenda Vaccaro all starred in the original 1978 thriller about the first manned Mars mission.

The astronauts are pulled off the launchpad and forced for several months to work in a secret soundstage where they fake the landing expedition due to a major defect in the space vehicle which NASA just can’t admit too.

Meanwhile a journalist is on the trail of the truth, yet every time he gets closer someone tries to take him out.

Peter Buchman (“Jurassic Park III”) will write and David Dobkin (“Shanghai Knights”) is set to direct the remake entitled “Capricorn Two” for Regency Films. Shooting is slated to start later this year.