“Breaking Bad” Tops 2010s Best TV Poll

Breaking Bad Movie To Shoot Imminently

Frequent quality film and TV poller Jordan Ruimy has conducted a survey for World of Reel of nearly 100 TV critics, journalists, bloggers, entertainment reporters, and actors/directors to find out what constitutes the best TV series of our current decade – the 2010s.

Each of those involved were asked to list what they considered the five best shows of the decade in no particular order. The winners list was then decided by which show titles popped up the most. The condition was the shows had to have episodes air in this decade, they didn’t have to necessarily have started in this decade.

The winner? AMC’s “Breaking Bad” took the top prize and was included in 41 of the ballots submitted, almost half the entire group. It came out ahead of both “Mad Men” (34) and “Fleabag” (25) who came in second and third respectively. Here’s the list of the Top 20, head to World of Reel for individual lists:

1. “Breaking Bad” (AMC)
2. “Mad Men” (AMC)
3. “Fleabag” (Amazon)
4. “The Leftovers” (HBO)
5. “Game of Thrones” (HBO)
6. “Twin Peaks: The Return” (Showtime)
7. “The Americans” (FX)
8. “Atlanta” (FX)
9. “Bojack Horseman” (Netflix)
10. “Veep” (HBO)
11. “Better Call Saul” (AMC)
12. “Justified” (FX)
13. “Parks and Recreation” (NBC)
14. “Hannibal” (NBC)
15. “The Good Wife” (CBS)
16. “Succession” (HBO)
17. “Enlightened” (HBO)
18. “American Crime Story” (FX)
19. “Rectify” (Sundance Channel)
20. “The Good Place” (NBC)