“Boley” To Be TV’s ‘First Black Prestige Western’

Boley To Be Tvs First Black Prestige Western

Writer Dianne Houston (“When We Rise”) and producer Rudy Langlais (“The Hurricane”) are teaming for Universal Television’s event series “Boley” which is being dubbed “TV’s first premium Black western”.

The true story inspired tale is set in an early 20th century black utopia, – Boley, Oklahoma – which was established in 1904 as one of the largest and most thriving black towns in the country.

In 1930s Oklahoma, a group of proud Black citizens and businessmen took up arms against notorious gangster Pretty Boy Floyd and his band of outlaws to defend their community which was prosperous during the middle of the American Depression.

Once the script is complete, the project will be taken out to cable and streaming networks. Houston and Langlais are executive producing.

Source: Deadline