Blum Apologises For Female Director Comments

Blum Apologises For Female Director Comments

Blumhouse chief Jason Blum has issued an apology for his ‘dumb comments’ about a lack of female directors available to make movies under his Blumhouse banner.

Speaking with Polygon earlier this week, Blum was asked the question as to why the company has never produced a theatrically released horror movie directed by a woman. It’s a pointed but entirely legitimate question.

After all, Blumhouse is a company that prides itself on very low budgets allowing it to take risks other studios wouldn’t, and yet they haven’t given a female director a shot at horror despite having produced around eighty films in the past decade including many directed by ‘unknown’ male directors. Blum said in the piece:

“We’re always trying to [do] that…We’re not trying to do it because of recent events. We’ve always been trying. There are not a lot of female directors period and even less who are inclined to do horror.

He then went on to say he’s a massive admirer of “The Babadook” helmer Jennifer Kent and “Honeymoon” director Leigh Janiak, and have offered them films they have available – in all cases they were turned down.

Cut to a day later and Blum has now apologised for those comments on Twitter, saying:

“Thank you everyone for calling me out on my dumb comments in that interview. I made a stupid mistake. We have not done a good enough job working with female directors and it is not because they don’t exist. I heard from many today. The way my passion came out was dumb. And for that I am sorry. I will do better.”

Blum then went on to cite that over 50% of the audience of his films is female, over 50% of executives at the company are female, and many of their most successful franchises have been anchored by women.

Only four projects Blumhouse has produced were directed by women – the TV series “Sharp Objects,” this Summer’s direct-to-video title “The Keeping Hours,” Catherine Hardwick’s 2013 erotic drama “Plush,” and the not yet released thriller remake “The Lie”.