Bloom Says “Deed Poll” Is Bull

A bit of a controversy is arising regarding a movie which may or may not have been made a while back. For some time now rapidly rising hunk Orlando Bloom, best known as blond Elf warrior ‘Legolas’ in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, has been mentioned in numerous articles as having starred in a short 40-minute film entitled “Deed Poll” with friend Andre Schneider two or three years ago.

The film reportedly has Bloom and actress Vicky Lambert playing incestuous siblings who inherit a large property and use the skin of an LSD addict (Schneider) to make a deck of playing cards. The project was alleged to contain some pretty interesting stuff including lots of drug use, intense three-way sex scenes (Schneider & Bloom’s characters are bisexual) and some quite gory moments.

What’s curious is that numerous websites have reviews or interviews (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5) with Bloom & Schneider.

Yet Bloom himself in the latest issue of Aussie magazine TV Hits said the following when asked whether he did the film: “No! That’s total crap! When I hear that sort of thing it makes me quite annoyed. I want people to know that story is total bollocks, I haven’t done a film anything like that”.