“Arkham Legacy” Gets Teased Again?

Arkham Legacy Gets Teased Again

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has once again cryptically teased their next gaming effort, widely believed to be “Batman: Arkham Legacy” which will follow up Rocksteady’s “Batman: Arkham Knight”.

A new tweet includes an emblem which could well be that of the Gotham City Police Department, and follows on from a demonic-looking on teased a little while back which is highly likely to be that of Ra’s Al Ghul.

The new tweet also points to a site which is a large crest of some kind with ten empty slots – six big and four small – and the two revealed emblems take up two of the six big slots.

The new game is expected to include the Court of Owls as the overall villains of the piece, but the big question is when we’ll get an announcement about the game and a potential release date. This would seem to tease that one is forthcoming.

The previous title, “Batman: Arkham Knight,” was officially announced March 2014 for a release that October, although delays on the project ended up pushing it back to June 2015.