“Apocalypse Now: Final Cut” Sets 4K Release

Apocalypse Now Final Cut Sets 4k Release

Lionsgate has set an August 27th release date for “Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut” which arrives on 4K Ultra HD disc, Digital 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD. In addition, the film will get a special theatrical release in select theaters nationwide on August 15th.

Restored from the original negative for the first time ever, the new take is said to be Coppola’s most realized version of his celebrated film which, for those who’ve never seen, is a Vietnam War-era spin on Joseph Conrad’s classic novel “Heart of Darkness”. Screening at the Tribeca Film Festival Sunday night, Coppola explained his intent with this version of the multi-award winning film as compared to the theatrical and previous ‘Redux’ version:

“[In 1979] we were very unsure, and the distributors were unsure, so we kept cutting it, and trying to make it shorter and less weird. We made it as short and normal as we could. And then years later, we realized well maybe we could put everything back and let it be as weird as it was, and that was a film called ‘Apocalypse Now Redux’. Very long. And for this occasion, I felt the first one was too short and cut down, and ‘Redux’ was too long, and I wanted to do the version that was the way I thought would be best for this – and all – audiences.”

The Playlist was in attendance to see the 183 minute cut and explains the differences, saying it takes the ‘Redux’ version and then cuts out some scenes such as the reunion with the Playmates and Kurtz’s TIME magazine article reading. The film however keeps the extra Col. Kilgore material, the extra scenes on the boat and much of the divisive French Plantation sequence.

Check out the official trailer for the home video release below: