“Anthem” Reviews Paint A Very Mixed Picture

Eas Anthem Gets A Launch Trailer

Electronic Arts and Bioware’s “Anthem” game doesn’t officially launch until this Friday, but critics reviews for the title have started going up and they don’t paint a good picture.

The game is currently scoring a very disappointing 68/100 on Metacritic with six reviews counted. Further reviews linked at VG247 have also gone up with most offering 6’s and 7’s out of 10.

A day one patch has already been released to address bugs, unexplained mechanics, and missing features but reviews have more had issues with repetitive gameplay, weak narrative. The Digital Fix says “Anthem [is] a chore of a game that’s highly unlikely to satisfy anyone but the most desperate groups of loot motivated gamers in its current state.”

Others, however, had fun but many were inclined to wait and revisit the game later down the track when it has more content and less bugs and network issues.