4K Wong-Kar Wai Restorations In 2020

4k Wong Kar Wai Restorations In 2020

Celebrated Chinese filmmaker Wong Kar-wai is not only gearing up to shoot his next film after years of working on the script, he’s also has confirmed himself that all of his previous works are undergoing restorations.

Speaking with Filmmaker Magazine (via The Film Stage) at the Hawaii International Film Festival, Wong confirmed that his studio Jet Tone Films are completing painstakingly careful and long in the works 4K restorations of all of his films with a theatrical tour of them planned for 2020 – timed to the 20th anniversary of his most acclaimed masterpiece “In the Mood for Love”.

in addition, Janus Films and The Criterion Collection reportedly will hold U.S. rights to these restorations so there’s already whispers of a potential Criterion box set of the features he’s directed thus far which would likely include the out-of-print “Chungking Express,” the celebrated “Happy Together” and “Fallen Angels,” and the more divisive but still interesting “2046” and “The Grandmaster”.

Wong’s next film is “Blossoms” which follows three Shanghai residents from the early 1960s through to the 1990s and is based on Jin Yucheng’s 2013 novel.