Zack Snyder Talks Watchmen

Out doing the promotional junket for “300”, director Zack Snyder spoke pretty candidly about his plans for the “Watchmen” comic adaptation:

Will they use the same green screen CG environment trick he used for “300” in the film? “Well, for Watchmen, which is the thing we’re working on right now, there’s no reason to do it that way. There are things like ‘if you go to Mars,’ sure. I think my experience with 300 helps me with using technology; it helps me go, ‘You know what, we should do this here. When we go to Antarctica, we can do this,’ and that would be awesome.” says Snyder.

He adds “There’s things I do know how to do because of 300, but I think that Watchmen is more like Taxi Driver or Dr. Strangelove than it is Fantastic Four – so you have a stylistic thing like that.”

Will there be stuff ready in time for this year’s Comic Con in San Diego? “I don’t think we’re going to be shots done before Comic-con. Our plan is to shoot in the summer, but I’ll go there and I’m sure I’ll have something to show.”

How far are they along? “We’re trying to get a budget together that is palatable to everybody; it’s a long movie, and we’re trying to do. And I’m trying to shoot the Black Frater part as well, and no one has ever even talked about that, it’s crazy time. And whether that ends up as a DVD extra or as a special release, that’s yet to be seen; but I don’t know, that’s my plan.”

Casting? “It’s not fully cast, but I’ve been talking to a lot of people….I’ll know soon, I think after Berlin – when we get back from Berlin. I’ll start to know who’s locked in.”

How does he handle the pressure? “There’s huge pressure from the fans, but at the same time, the way I gotta do it, and the way I work is I just sort of have to go and say, ‘Ok, I feel like when I look at what I’m planning to do, it’s cool.’ So that’s the only thing I can do in the end, and hopefully everyone else thinks it’s good.”