“Wonder Woman 1984” Male Character Rumors

A Twitter user who has reportedly to date been offering fairly reliable details about Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” sequel has spoken more about two specific actor’s roles in the film – Chris Pine and Pedro Pascal.

DanielRPK says that Pine is playing “the real Steve Trevor’ in the film, and is not someone disguised in an attempt to fool Diana. This begs the obvious question as to how Pine’s character survived his heroic sacrifice at the end of the first film and how he’s now in the year 1984 looking no worse for wear (or older).

The source also says that “Game of Thrones” alum Pedro Pascal’s currently unnamed character is “a God in disguise” but didn’t elaborate much beyond that. Previously, Pascal was said to be playing a “slippery con man” in the film.

“Wonder Woman 1984” is currently in production ahead of a November 2019 release and some new set videos from filming can be seen below.