Winding Refn’s “Die Young” Series Is Long

Winding Refns Die Young Series Is Long

“Drive” and “Only God Forgives” filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn returns this year, helming every episode of the new Amazon series “Too Old to Die Young”. Teased a full year ago, the project still hasn’t set a specific air date.

Miles Teller stars as a grieving Los Angeles police officer who finds himself caught up in a criminal underground that features Yakuza, Russian mafia, Mexican cartels and more.

Speaking to ScreenDaily at the Rotterdam Film Festival this week, the show’s composer Cliff Martinez was asked about working on the project and how it differs from working on film. He revealed that the series won’t be a fast binge watch:

“For me the biggest change is just the endurance to do what I think of as a ten-hour movie – or a 16-hour movie in the case of ‘Too Old To Die Young’. It’s ten episodes that are around 90 minutes a piece.

I warned Nic Winding Refn, you better drink a lot of coffee and get a lot of sleep when you can. ‘Too Old To Die Young’ has gone on for a year; for me the challenge has been to not get burned out and jaded and complacent, but to try to stay engaged and focused for that much time.”

Refn is essentially doing ten feature-length episodes for the show which explains why it’s taking so much time.

Jena Malone, William Baldwin, Celestino Corneille, Nell Tiger Free, John Hawkes, Kegn Matungulu, and Callie Hernandez also star in the series while Refn and celebrated comic scribe Ed Brubaker penned all the episodes.

It’s expected Amazon will announce an air date sometime in the very near future.