Disney Still Planning R-Rated “Deadpool”

Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the studio won’t interfere when it comes to the R rated properties they will gain as part of the 20th Century Fox acquisition.

Speaking about the nature of the studio opening these types of movies after the acquisition has gone through (via Coming Soon, Iger says the success of the “Deadpool” films are a great example and: “We’re going to continue in that business, and there might be room for more of that.”

Iger adds they will have to be careful in their branding of the films, and make sure they are properly marketed as being R.

The comments come as FX CEO John Landgraf has put the blame of the network’s shelving of Donald and Stephen Glover’s animated “Deadpool” series squarely on Marvel saying (via ComicBook.com:

“‘Deadpool’ didn’t work out because Marvel didn’t want to make it. It didn’t fit what they wanted to do with Deadpool and it’s their brand and their decision. They didn’t want to do the show that Donald and Stephen [Glover] wrote. We would have done the show that Donald and Stephen wrote, but it wasn’t our decision. When Marvel decided not to do that show, we parted company with them, as did Donald and Stephen.”

20th Century Fox has been working on an “X-Force” film which is expected to come before a third standalone “Deadpool” hits cinemas.