Warner CEO: DC Movies “Could Be Better”

Never admit your mistakes, especially in front of stockholders. It’s an old custom in Hollywood and business in general, saying something wrong breeds nervousness and sends stock prices falling so a positive outlook is always the go even if it’s a bit of a bluff.

That’s what makes Time Warner chairman-CEO Jeff Bewkes’ comments to shareholders today interesting. With “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” underperforming, “Suicide Squad” doing solid business and both getting critically lambasted – there’s obvious something broken that needs some fixing. Kudos to Bewkes who acknowledges that to Variety:

“We do think there’s a little room for improvement. We can do a little bit better on the creative. The DC Comics characters have a little more lightness in them than maybe what you saw in those movies, so we’re thinking about that. The strategy worked. The execution did deliver what we wanted to do. We’re right on course or better. The main thing was to launch DC and reinvigorate it with the fan base. The reboot of Batman with Ben Affleck was a big success.”

That follows comments that the DC Films are undergoing a slight ‘course correction’ which will see them drop their darker and super serious tone for something more light-hearted and wide appealing. We’ll have to see if it pays off when both “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League” open next year.