“Venom” Trailer Watched More Than “Spider-Man”

While the first trailer was widely ridiculed, the reaction was a bit more upbeat to April’s second trailer for the upcoming “Spider-Man” spin-off feature “Venom” at Sony Pictures.

Turns out there may have been more interest than expected though as CBM reports that the April trailer has now lodged 64 million views to date on YouTube, beating all the trailers for all previous “Spider-Man” movies including “The Amazing Spider-Man” at 37 million views and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” at 28 million views.

Sony is expected to reveal a lot more from the film next month at San Diego Comic-Con, while the character’s creator Todd McFarlane recently told CBR if Sony picks up his “Spawn” movie, then he’d like to see a crossover film between the two characters.

“Venom” opens in October.