Two More Key “Logan” Characters Revealed?

Following this morning’s reveal that Boyd Holbrook’s role is that of Reaver creator Donald Pierce in the upcoming third solo Wolverine movie “Logan,” more details have popped up on two other key roles in the “X-Men” spin-off feature.

Last week Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold revealed the title for the film, and a poster that shows Wolverine’s clawed hand holding the small hand of a child. The Wrap reports that the girl is a young mutant played by Sienna Novikov and the character name is Laura.

Multiple sources have confirmed the character is also the mutant known as X-23, effectively a female Wolverine in the comics as she has the same regenerative healing, reflexes and strength enhancements along with retractable adamantium-coated bone claws. The key difference hers are two pronged, not three, and they also come out of her feet.

In the film, which is set in 2024, mutant births are severely in decline and people aren’t sure why. A government operation called Transigen is turning mutant children into killing machines. The outlet says that Richard E. Grant’s role, as the mad scientist behind Transigen, is NOT Mr. Sinister as some had rumored.

Instead, Grant is playing Dr. Zander Rice, the surgical head of the project which created X-23 from notes left by his late father who was killed by an escaping Wolverine as he fled the Weapon X facility. The site adds that Mr. Sinister will not appear in the film, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a post credit scene.

“Logan” will be released on March 3rd 2017.