The ‘Snyder Cut’ Cause Is Pretty Much Dead

The Snyder Cut Cause Is Pretty Much Dead

In recent months, various online forums have seen the rise of a subculture of fans demanding the release of the so-called ‘Snyder Cut’ of last year’s “Justice League”.

Zack Snyder reportedly had assembled an incredibly rough cut of the film before he stepped away from the project due to a family tragedy. Joss Whedon then came onboard and performed extensive reshoots along with editing and finishing the movie.

The resulting film scored a mixed at best reception and disappointing box-office, with the clashing styles of the filmmakers quite visible in the final product. Fans have since long demanded that Snyder be able to complete his “true version” and rumors have fired up and flamed out many times since suggesting there is a version by Snyder that exists in the Warners vaults – even though it’s frankly impossible.

In the lead up to Comic Con this week, The Wall Street Journal decided to do an investigative piece into the ‘Snyder Cut’ to see if there is any validity to all the talk, getting closer and diving deeper towards the truth than any Reddit fanboy could. The result? Don’t hold your breath waiting for such a cut.

Director Zack Snyder refused to comment for the piece, but his spokesperson says Snyder has yet to see the theatrical version and from the sounds of it has little desire to. Others on the film confirmed that Snyder oversaw all of Whedon’s proposed script changes and was fully intending on shooting them himself before his daughter’s death. Finally, a studio rep confirmed there are no plans to even discuss a Snyder Cut at Comic-Con this weekend.

Henry Cavill recently told UK press he doesn’t know if such a cut exists but he can’t see it being made as it doesn’t make any financial sense for the studio.