Tarantino May Recut “Hollywood” To Run Longer

Tarantino May Recut Hollywood To Run Longer

Quentin Tarantino’s $90 million-budgeted “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” screened at Cannes to rave reviews, but the filmmaker is reportedly not wedded to that 159-minute version of the film.

Indiewire reports that Tarantino and editor Fred Raskin worked hard to finish that cut in time to world premiere at the fest with Sony striking three wet 35mm prints.

Sony chairman Tom Rothman confirmed at the premiere though that Tarantino can still go back into the editing room and the next day Tarantino himself has now said he may do just that, telling the press:

“I may make it longer. I wouldn’t take anything else out. I’m going to explore possibly putting something back in. If anything, I wanted to go to Cannes too short. if I’m going to err, I’m going to err on too tight.”

There’s a precedence for this as a decade ago Tarantino re-edited “Inglourious Basterds” after Cannes as well. Raskin’s first assembly cut of the film 260 minutes and Tarantino expected his cut to come in at 165 minutes or so. Whatever length gets a theatrical release, Rothman says the filmmaker can do whatever he wants.