“Spider-Man” Director On Filming THAT Cameo

Spider Man Director On Filming That Cameo

There’s some surprises in store in this week’s “Spider-Man: Far From Home” but very few top those of the post-credits scenes.


While the film has its own twists in store which come into play halfway into the film, the movie also boasts a brief cameo in its mid-credits scene in which J. Jonah Jameson is introduced into the MCU – and they do so by bringing back Maguire-era Spider-Man actor J.K. Simmons to reprise the Jameson role more than a decade since he last played it.

As previously reported, the cameo was one of the last things shot in order to keep the appearance a secret. Speaking with the ReelBlend podcast recently, the film’s director Jon Watts discussed how Simmons became involved:

“We knew we were going to reveal Spider-Man’s identity at the end of the movie, and it had to be through the media somehow. And then you start talking about, what is the main media in Spider-Man comics, and it has always been The Daily Bugle. And then so you start talking about what The Daily Bugle might be now.

And then we started talking about J. Jonah Jameson, and it’s like… it’s gotta be him. Like, there was never any discussion about it being someone else. Like, it’s gotta be JK Simmons. The question was just, would he do it?

It was an amazing meeting. We saved that until the very, very, very end because we wanted to keep it a secret and we didn’t want it somehow [get out]. We shot it in like a conference room at Marvel with like a green screen set up. It was funny because it was the exact same setup that we shot, essentially, the kid’s news from the beginning [of the movie]. It was just him and a desk and a green screen.

He just launched into it, and it was amazing, because I was just watching the movie. I asked him, I said, ‘Is this weird?’ And he’s like, ‘It’s a little weird.’ But he just stepped right back into the role. And it was, it was, I had goosebumps.”

With a third film seemingly inevitable, there’s a big question as to how much involvement Simmons might have in the next film – especially considering what happened in the sequence which completely changes the game and sets up the next movie as something quite different.