Shane Black Explains His “Predator” Reshoots

Shane Black Explains His Predator Reshoots

Originally set for release early this year, Shane Black’s “The Predator” was pushed to the early Fall which gave him and 20th Century Fox time to do some reshoots on this new sequel and refresh of the sci-fi franchise that began with the Schwarzenegger-led 1987 original.

Previously reports indicated a good chunk of the film’s third act had to be redone and that one of the big sticking points was that it originally took place during the day, whereas the reshoots switched it to night time. Now, speaking with Collider this week, Black explains that it wasn’t just about climate but also about making the Predator scarier:

“Part of it was that we were making the film and we were trying to jam a lot into a five-pound bag. So we had a big appetite, and one of the things about that was, well, if you want to do all of that stuff with this much money, you probably need to shoot during the day because during the night would be prohibitive.

And then to our chagrin, and it’s on me, when I saw the footage during the day, the climax of the movie [the Predator] doesn’t look right. He doesn’t look scary in the daytime. And then we decided to streamline the plot so we could afford to go back up and really concentrate on the scarier elements and doing it at night. So literally, as they’ve said, the difference is night and day. We took everything out of day and put it into darkness.”

Black also says knowledge of what the Predator looks like also diminishes the effect of seeing the Predator during the daytime, after all – you can spot people walking around in the costume at Comic Con. “The Predator” hits cinemas on September 14th.