Trailer Tarantinos Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Trailer: Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood”

The first trailer has been released for Quentin Tarantino's ninth directorial feature - the Los Angeles 1969-set noir tale "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". The story follows a washed-up ex-western actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double (Brad...
Full Trailer Toy Story 4

Full Trailer: “Toy Story 4”

Disney Pictures and Pixar have premiered the full trailer for the fourth "Toy Story" film which offers a better look at the film's storyline. Keanu Reeves, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Christina Hendricks, Ally Maki, and Tony Hale join returning cast...
Trailer Portman In Space In Lucy In The Sky

Trailer: Portman In Space In “Lucy In The Sky”

"Fargo" and "Legion" TV series showrunner Noah Hawley is making the jump to the big screen, and bringing some of his reality-twisting visuals with him, in the first trailer for his new drama film "Lucy In The Sky" from...
Full Trailer Avengers Endgame

Full Trailer: “Avengers: Endgame”

Popping up without warning, Marvel Studios has released the second trailer and full poster for "Avengers: Endgame". Thanos snapped his fingers and half the life in the universe instantly dissolved. Now a ragged group of surviving warriors, including Captain...
First Trailer Batman Vs Ninja Turtles

First Trailer: “Batman Vs. Ninja Turtles”

Warner Bros. Animation and Nickelodeon have premiered the first trailer for "Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," the upcoming direct-to-VOD animated feature in which a transdimensional encounter leads the ninja turtle brothers to make their first appearance in Gotham...
Second Trailer Disneys Aladdin

Second Trailer: Disney’s “Aladdin”

Walt Disney Pictures has revealed the full trailer and poster for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming live-action remake of their 1992 animated classic "Aladdin" with the new clip showing off some of the musical numbers. John August adapted the screenplay for...
Full Aladdin Trailer Appears Tomorrow

Full “Aladdin” Trailer Appears Tomorrow

Good Morning America has announced that the full-length trailer for Guy Richie's live-action adaptation of Disney's "Aladdin" will premiere tomorrow morning on the talk show. So far Disney has only released two teaser trailers - the original theatrical teaser in...
Trailer The Doom Annihilation Movie

Trailer: The “DOOM: Annihilation” Movie

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment's Universal 1440 Entertainment label has released the first trailer for their straight-to-VOD adaptation "DOOM: Annihilation" based on the popular video game franchise. The story follows a group of space marines as they respond to a distress...
First Trailer Thompson Kaling In Late Night

First Trailer: Thompson, Kaling In “Late Night”

One of the most celebrated films at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and certainly one of its most commercial, the comedy "Late Night" was immediately a hot pick and was snapped up by Amazon who are set to give...
Trailer Stanfield Rodriguez In Someone Great

Trailer: Stanfield, Rodriguez In “Someone Great”

Netflix has premiered the official trailer for their comedy feature "Someone Great" which hails from "Sweet/Vicious" creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Gina Rodriguez plays aspiring music journalist Jenny has just landed her dream job at an iconic magazine and is about...
Trailer The Meta Doco Framing John Delorean

Trailer: The Meta Doco “Framing John DeLorean”

Following on from yesterday's announcement of the Tribeca Film Festival line-up, the trailer has arrived for the upcoming part-doco/part narrative feature "Framing John DeLorean" which will have its world premiere there. The very meta work tells the shocking true story...
New Trailer For The Tolkien Biopic

New Trailer For The “Tolkien” Biopic

Just weeks after the first one launched, Fox Searchlight has today premiered the full trailer for "Tolkien," the upcoming biopic about the legendary "Lord of the Rings" author J.R.R. Tolkien whom in this version is played by Nicholas Hoult. The...
Full Trailer Evil Superhero Kid Tale Brightburn

Full Trailer: Evil Superhero Kid Tale “Brightburn”

The James Gunn-produced sci-fi horror thriller "Brightburn" has made it pretty clear that it's effectively a mashup of "Man of Steel" with various films about psychotic evil children ala "The Bad Seed" or "The Good Son". Now a new trailer...
Dark Phoenix Global Trailer Is Back Officially

“Dark Phoenix” Global Trailer Is Back… Officially

A week ago, 20th Century Fox posted the full domestic trailer for their new and final major "X-Men" film "Dark Phoenix," the second trailer from that project to have been released. The clip was met with a better...
First Trailer Hereditary Directors Midsommar

First Trailer: “Hereditary” Director’s “Midsommar”

A24 has premiered the first trailer for "Hereditary" director Ari Aster's new horror film "Midsommar" opening in cinemas August 9th. Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh star in the film as a couple who travels to Sweden to visit their friend’s...
Full Trailer Shazam

Full Trailer: “Shazam”

The full trailer for the upcoming DC film "Shazam" has arrived one month out from the film’s release on April 5th. This preview will reportedly be playing in front of copies of "Captain Marvel" in a substantial number...
Full Trailer The New Hellboy

Full Trailer: The New “Hellboy”

Lionsgate has released both a red and green band new trailer for "Hellboy," the upcoming David Harbour-led R-rated reboot of the franchise based on the Mike Mignola comics. Neil Marshall directs from a script by Andrew Cosby and the story...
Dark Phoenix Global Trailer Spoiler Talk

“Dark Phoenix” Global Trailer & Spoiler Talk

Following this morning's domestic full trailer for the new "X-Men" film "Dark Phoenix," a new international trailer is out for it - one with a bunch of new footage and with a much clearer layout of the film's structure,...
Full Trailer X Men Film Dark Phoenix

Full Trailer: X-Men Film “Dark Phoenix”

The second trailer has arrived for "Dark Phoenix," the last full 20th Century Fox "X-Men" film in the series before the franchise transfers over to Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios. The fourth film of the ‘First Class’ era, the...
Second Trailer Detective Pikachu

Second Trailer: “Detective Pikachu”

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the second trailer and new poster for "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu," the first live-action "Pokemon" movie from Legendary Entertainment. The film opens in cinemas on May 11th 2019 Justice Smith stars as a teen whose...
International Trailer Jordan Peeles Us

International Trailer: Jordan Peele’s “Us”

One more trailer has arrived for Jordan Peele's new horror film "Us," this one an international trailer for the Korean market. Gone is the music, replaced by a mostly silent collection of clips including a bunch of new footage which...
U S Trailer The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

U.S. Trailer: “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”

Following its screening in some global markets, Terry Gilliam's "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" finally arrives in U.S. cinemas for one night only on Wednesday April 10th via Fathom Events. Jonathan Pryce, Adam Driver, Olga Kurylenko, Joana Ribeiro, and...
Announcement Teaser The Irishman

Announcement Teaser: “The Irishman”

In the midst of the Oscars tonight, Netflix revealed the first teaser trailer for Martin Scorsese's new film "The irishman" which confirms a Fall debut for the title both in cinemas and online. The teaser is essentially audio only with...
Trailer It Mini Series Doco Pennywise

Trailer: “IT” Mini-Series Doco “Pennywise”

An extended six-minute trailer has been released for "Pennywise: The Story of IT," a feature-length documentary featuring over 40 interviews with the cast and crew (including Tim Curry) of the 1990 mini-series adaptation of Stephen King's iconic novel "IT". The...
Teaser Trailer Hbos Native Son

Teaser Trailer: HBO’s “Native Son”

HBO Films has announced that "Native Son," the first film from renowned visual artist Rashid Johnson, will premiere on the network on Saturday April 6th. In addition, they've released the film's first trailer. Scoring its world premiere in January...
Trailer Hawke Pratt In Donofrios The Kid

Trailer: Hawke, Pratt In D’Onofrio’s “The Kid”

"Daredevil" actor Vincent D'Onofrio has managed to assemble an impressive cast for his new western "The Kid" which includes Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt and Dane DeHaan. The story follows a young boy, Rio (Jake Schur), who is forced to go...
Trailer Gibson Vaughn In Dragged Across Concrete

Trailer: “Dragged Across Concrete”

Lionsgate Premiere and Summit Entertainment have released the trailer for the Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn-led "Dragged Across Concrete," director S. Craig Zahler’s third film following the acclaimed "Bone Tomahawk" and "Brawl in Cell Block 99". The pair play two...
Teaser Trailer The Angry Birds Movie 2

Teaser Trailer: “The Angry Birds Movie 2”

The first trailer has arrived for Sony Animation's "The Angry Birds Movie 2," the follow-up to the first film based on Rovio's best-selling mobile game. Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, and Peter Dinklage will all reprise their...
Full Trailer Egerton Is Elton John In Rocketman

Full Trailer: Egerton Is Elton John In “Rocketman”

Paramount Pictures has unveiled the new full trailer for the upcoming Elton John biopic "Rocketman" starring Taron Egerton as the legendary British singer. The film deals with his emergence as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music to becoming...
Trailer Costner Harrelson In The Highwaymen

Trailer: Costner, Harrelson In “The Highwaymen”

Netflix has released the official trailer for the Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson-led $49 million-budgeted period drama "The Highwaymen" which premieres on the service on March 29th. Hailing from filmmaker John Lee Hancock ("The Blind Side," "Saving Mr. Banks," "The...

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