Photos: “Avengers 4” Gives Cap’s Armour Scales

Photos Avengers 4 Gives Caps Armour Scales

New costume test photos have popped up online showcasing Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers (aka. Captain America) in one of his new fourth “Avengers” costumes.

We know that sadly the beard from ‘Infinity War’ is gone, the character once again sports a clean-shaven look for his classic ‘Sentinel of Liberty’ persona in the battle with Thanos.

The new uniform though is similar to the current ones bar a shoulder Avengers logo and the “scale mail”armour from the comics.

Some earlier set photos that popped up last year showcased him wearing his first “Avengers” film outfit during outdoor shoots which has led to suggestions of time travel or at least flashbacks. The still-untitled fourth “Avengers” opens next year.