Next “Cloverfield” Film Title Revealed?

After seemingly beginning its viral marketing last week, it looks like the third film in the “Cloverfield” franchise may have a title – “Cloverfield Station”.

The film, previously titled “God Particle” and helmed by Julius Onah, follows astronauts aboard a space station who, after an accident with a particle accelerator, discover that Earth has vanished.

The title report comes from a Reddit thread source who allegedly saw a lighting artist on the film update his LinkedIn resume with the new title. Additionally, the website domains and, along with Facebook and Twitter accounts bearing the new title, have been found.

The title of “10 Cloverfield Lane” was revealed mid-late January in 2016 just two months out from release. It’s expected the official title reveal won’t be confirmed by the studio until the trailers are out.

Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, Aksel Hennie, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Chris O’Dowd, John Ortiz, David Oyelowo and Zhang Ziyi co-star in the third film which is due to open April 20th.

Source: Coming Soon