Netflix To Have 700 Original Films & Shows

Netflix will reportedly have in the neighborhood a total of 700 original TV shows and movies on the service this year.

Speaking Tuesday at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, Netflix CFO David Wells says the streaming giant, which is spending upwards of $8 billion on content in 2018, is focused on “adding content” continually which is driving growth.

Asked how much content spending is enough, he says “there’s no magic line where you know exactly where you are” in terms of efficiency. They also plan to increase marketing spending more than 50% in 2018 to over $2 billion.

The 700 figure includes 80 original productions from outside the U.S., including its just ordered first original Arabic series titled “Jinn”. It also includes narrative features, documentary features, comedy specials, event series, co-productions, kids shows, anime, docuseries, talk shows, reality series, drama series, comedy series, and likely their international distribution of various series such as “Star Trek: Discovery,” “Riverdale” and “The Good Place”.

The company ended 2017 with 117.6 million streaming members worldwide.

Source: Variety