Netflix & Gyllenhaal Plan A “Helicopter Heist”

Netflix has reportedly taken lead in an auction to acquire the rights to the fact-based drama “The Helicopter Heist” which has Jake Gyllenhaal attached to star and produce.

The drama is the story of the Vastberga helicopter robbery in 2009, when a G4S cash service depot was robbed in Stockholm. A gang of brazen robbers used a stolen Bell 206 Jet Ranger to land on the roof of the building, where they stole more than $5 million.

Police were unable to use their own copters to close in because the thieves placed decoy bombs all around. It was the first robbery involving a helicopter to be perpetrated in Sweden; seven perpetrators eventually were caught and sentenced.

The deal includes a manuscript for an upcoming book by Swedish author Jonas Bonnier .
Riva Marker will produce and Bonnier will executive produce.

Source: Deadline