Muschietti Teases His “IT” Supercut

Muschietti Teases His It Supercut

The long-awaited “IT: Chapter Two” hits cinemas next Friday and while we’re still a very long way from its home video release, let alone a potential extended edition or expansion on it, that hasn’t stopped the film’s director Andy Muschietti from teasing an eventual six-hour plus single cut of the film.

The new film clocks in at a 169-minute runtime, a jump up from the 146-minute runtime of the first part, and we know Muschietti’s original cut of the second film came in at around 240 minutes.

Last week Muschietti first mentioned the ambitious possibility of a ‘supercut’ of the two films, though it wasn’t clear if it would be just the two sandwiched together or a complete re-edit juxtaposing the adult and child timelines like the novel’s structure does. Speaking with The Playlist shortly after those comments, he adds:

“Man, news goes fast! I said it yesterday, and I pulled it out of my ass. We’re in early talks with the studio to do it, but my big fantasy is to cut the two movies together and add all of the scenes that were lifted for length purposes in the release. So make a big experience of ‘IT’ and also shoot a couple of extra scenes that I’d like to see in this bigger experience. In the age of binging where people just watch series for like 7-8 hours, and they barely notice that they’ve been spending all that time, this is nothing.”

The outlet then brought up the possibility of the complete “IT” finding a home on the new streaming platform HBO Max and he responded: “I don’t know. Where did I hear that? [laughing] From you maybe? I don’t know.”

The comments come as other films of late have been grilled over their extended runtimes from the currently in cinemas “Midsommar: Director’s Cut” to “The Irishman” and earlier this summer “Avengers: Endgame”.

“IT: Chapter Two” hits cinemas September 6th.