“Hobbs & Shaw” Duo Talk Film’s Secret Villain

Hobbs Shaw Duo Talk Films Secret Villain

With “Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw” now out for a few days, the film’s director David Leitch and writer Drew Pearce have both begun discussing spoilers, including the film’s ‘big bad’ in the form of the voice-only Director of the Eteon organisation.

In the film, the director appears only in voice form – mostly barking orders at Idris Elba’s Brixton. Said voice is mostly deliberately distorted but on the few occasions it clears up it sounds like actor Ryan Reynolds who also cameos in the film as Agent Locke. The role is also credited as Champ Nightingale, Reynolds’ pseudonym.

Speaking to THR Leitch says Reynolds isn’t necessarily playing The Director in a future movie as no final decision on whom it might be has been made. He says:

“I’ll be honest: there’s no final decision. I think we wanted to leave it open-ended. We have a lot of strong, creative ideas that are circling between Chris Morgan, the producers and myself. But, again, we wanted to give ourselves opportunity because it’s a first time out.

If this was Fast Five, you’ve already built your world, and it’s good to have that cliffhanger to get into the next one. For us, we wanted to anchor our characters in two defined worlds, show the potential of this world and set it loose into the theatrical world to see how people respond.

Then, we’ll react accordingly and say, “Hey, this is what the next movie should be.” We want this thing to live on for a while, and we want these characters to have many adventures. We just felt it was too early to say, ‘Here’s our next adventure’.”

Both Reynolds and Kevin Hart have extended cameos in the film, and Leitch tells the trade he considers the appearances more than just cameos and they could lead to more participation in the franchise down the road:

“I totally do. That’s a movie I know I want to see. It’s certainly a movie I want to make. When you can combine real heart and soul – like we do in the ‘Fast’ movies as Hobbs and Shaw are reconnecting with their families, that’s something everyone can relate to. Then, there’s this undeniable comedic talent that’s providing great levity as we go on this classic spy plot that allows for these big set pieces. It’s a really good formula to have fun, and that was my intention. I hope that people respond to it.”

One of the faces rumored to appear but didn’t end up doing so was actor Keanu Reeves and Leitch says there was just no pressing need to have the actor show up in the first film. That being said, if Reeves does join they have his role already figured out – which might be The Director:

“We started to populate the movie with all these other personalities, and I just didn’t really think that we needed it, although I would’ve loved it,” said Leitch. “We even talked in post, and I showed him a rough cut of the movie. Then, we had conversations about ‘is there something here?’ We came to the conclusion of ‘let’s put a pin in it.’ I’m all for finding opportunities, but I also didn’t want to force anything. The mystery at the end of the movie where the Eteon director is nameless and faceless seems perfect for our ending because we had so much story we’ve already told.”

“Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw” is now out in cinemas everywhere.