“Gotham” Producers Talk The Batsuit

Like any prequel series, “Gotham” has been building towards a story where we know the outcome – in this case the big reveal of Bruce Wayne as Batman. Of course prequels have often disappointed with their big moment – “Smallville” took ten seasons to only show Clark pulling aside his shirt, while “Star Wars” gave Darth Vader a Frankenstein-like birthing moment that was widely criticised.

Speaking with Bam Smack Pow this week, showrunner John Stephens says he’s well aware of fan expectations and they’re putting in the right amount of resources to do it right:

“I think it’s more matte. It’s inspired by, if I had to compare to any one costume, I’d say it’s closer to The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a little more metallic Bat battle-y looking rather than something like the Suicide one or the Affleck one.

[It’s an issue of] how much money can we allocate towards spending on this costume because it’s got to look good. Because you don’t want to spend five years, and all of a sudden go, ‘Great episode, but that was a really crappy looking costume.’ There’s a lot of pressure, but luckily our wardrobe department is amazing so all the designs they’re doing are going to be great. And we went with short ears.”

Batman has worn numerous costumes over the years both in live-action and other forms such as the ‘Arkham’ video games (including the one pictured above). “Gotham” returns mid-season for its fifth and final season with the new Batsuit expected to be revealed in the final episode.