Fourth “Jeepers Creepers” Script Already Done

After a fourteen year break since the last one, the third film in the “Jeepers Creepers” saga is on the way and is targeting a release sometime later this year or early next year. The film has already wrapped production, and today comes word the creative team behind the third instalment is confident enough that a fourth film is already planned.

Actress Gina Phillips, reprising her role as Trish from the first film, tells Diabolique Magazine that the film’s director Victor Salva has already written a fourth film which will pick up right after the events of the third:

“The plan is for this stuff to go to the screen in the next Jeepers Creepers movie. Victor has written what happens from the second after the conclusion of Jeepers Creepers 3.

I think that’s all I’m allowed to say about it but he wrote in such detail and he had a lot of flashbacks to what happened over the years that it made it very easy for me.

I got to see what will eventually happen to the character and he put enough flashbacks in there that I got to see what happened to her over the last 15 years. Let’s just say, there’s more to come…a lot has changed for Trish over the years. She’s a mother; she’s been through a lot.”

In the third film, Trish Jenner is now a rich and powerful woman who has a teenage son named Darry. She’s also having a recurring nightmare in which he’s killed by the Creeper.

To prevent this from happening, Trish sets out on a final quest, with a small army in tow, to end the reign of terror of The Creeper (Jonathan Breck) once and for all.