Fantastic Four Were Almost In “Deadpool 2”

Fantastic Four Were Almost In Deadpool 2

Considered one of the worst films of the current superhero resurgence, 2015’s “Fantastic Four” was a train wreck of a film long before it made it into cinemas. Production dramas, extensive reshoots and all sorts of other problems led to a film widely rejected by critics and audiences.

Three years on one of the film’s writers, Jeremy Slater, has offered a slight apology on Twitter this week. Speaking about his career and recent hire to adapt Stephen King’s “The Tommyknockers” for the big screen, Slater said: “when I finally got my foot in the door, I only had three dream projects on my bucket list. One was Marvel (umm…sorry about that one, guys), one was Star Wars, and the third, of course, was Stephen King.”

The comment comes as some concept art for “Deadpool 2” has gone online from artist Alexander Lozano, art that includes the 2015 “Fantastic Four” cast reprising their roles. Sketched during the early days of development on “Deadpool 2” before director David Leitch took over the production, the art offers a new costume for each member of the team.

However, it isn’t clear what the scene involving the Fantastic Four would have entailed. We do know at one time Chris Evans might have reprised his role as the Human Torch from the 2005 incarnation of “Fantastic Four” for the X-Force interview scene, but again that idea was chucked out before it got going. “Deadpool 2” comes to disc tomorrow.