Emily Browning Is Done Playing A ‘Hot Babe’

Australian actress Emily Browning has had a fairly varied filmography, and some of her roles have certainly exploited her good looks on screen ranging from Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch” to the often disturbing “Sleeping Beauty”.

Currently out doing promotional rounds for the Tom Hardy-led UK crime drama “Legend,” Browning spoke with The Guardian and says she’s done being eye candy on screen and/or playing a vapid love interest role. The trouble is, it’s a role that is fairly common in studio films and one she’s had to do herself at times (eg. “Pompeii”):

“I’m so determined not to play the hot babe that doesn’t say anything, that can’t have an opinion, but it’s so difficult to resist all of that. Hollywood movies are made for white men, and that’s something I think about and which bothers me all the time.”

Browning recently wrapped work on Eddie O’Keefe’s “Shangri-La Suite” which also stars Avan Jogia, Ashley Greene and Ron Livingston. “Legend” is due out in the UK this week and in the U.S. on October 2nd.