Disney’s Iger Responds To Marvel Criticisms

Disneys Iger Responds To Marvel Criticisms

While some of the filmmakers on the Marvel side have weighed in on the ongoing discussion about famed auteur directors disliking or outright despising Marvel movies and their impact on cinema, one key name has now finally offered their take.

Disney CEO himself Bob Iger, the man who was key to turning Disney into the dominant superpower it is today on the cinema front, signs off on every film made at the studio and unsurprisingly had some comments about the discussion when asked about it at the Wall Street Journal‘s Tech Live conference in Laguna Beach this week (via FastCompany).

Iger pointed out that the Marvel films make lots of money throughout the film distribution system, which allows distributors and theaters to show smaller films that don’t have as big an audience. He then goes on:

“Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese are people I hold in the highest regard in terms of the films they’ve made, the films I’ve liked, the films we’ve all watched. But when Francis uses the words ‘those films are despicable,’ I’d reserve the word ‘despicable’ for someone who had committed mass murder. I don’t get what they’re criticizing us for when we’re making films that people are obviously enjoying going to and they’re doing so by the millions.

I’m puzzled by it. If they want to bitch about movies it’s certainly their right. It seems so disrespectful to all the people who work on those films who are working just as hard as the people who are working on their films and are putting their creative souls on the line just like they are. Are you telling me that Ryan Coogler making ‘Black Panther’ is doing something that somehow or another is less than anything Marty Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola have ever done on any one of their movies? Come on.”

As part of the same presentation, Iger also said he’s “not going to be baited into taking a position at all” when it comes to discussing the issue of China and recent controversy over American media criticisms of the country. He also touted Disney+ some more, saying “Mickey Mouse Through The Years” will be a category on the service and that he hopes to make the service a bit less “algorithmically dependent”.