Details On The “Rampage” Movie Plot

One of the more unexpected films in the works is the upcoming movie adaptation of classic arcade game “Rampage”. Dwayne Johnson leads the film about giant versions of an ape, a wolf and a lizard terrorising cities as the authorities try to bring them down.

Today, Splash Report has reportedly discovered further details about the “Rampage” movie’s plot. Minor spoilers ahead so you have been warned:


The story begins with three canisters from an experiment on a privately owned space station falling to Earth – specifically different parts of the United States. Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy play the siblings whose company owns the station.

Too late to stop the three monsters from forming, they come up with a plan to lure the beasts to their head office in Chicago – ensuring that all evidence of their experiments will be destroyed.

Johnson plays an ex-marine who works as the primatologist who raised the ape George, teaching him sign language. Naomie Harris has a role as a scientist for the company who helps Johnson trying to stop the monsters from destroying Chicago.


Brad Peyton helms the film which is targeting a 2018 release date, and co-star Joe Manganiello has posted a photo of some of the gear he’ll be donning in the film which you can see below.


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