del Toro Talks The “Hellboy” Rebot

With the “Hellboy” reboot on the way with Neil Marshall directing and David Harbour starring, it means filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and actor Ron Perlman are off the franchise.

Perlman and Harbour seemingly buried the hatchet with a dinner the other week, now del Toro has spoken with THR and it would appear he’s learned to accept that there’s a new take coming:

“I don’t own Hellboy, Mike [Mignola] does. So, you know, he is the father of the character and if he wants to reboot it, it’s perfectly fine. I got to make two – that’s two more than I thought I would get to make. So you know, as far as I’m concerned god speed and god bless.”

There’s currently no release date for the reboot, but production is expected to start this Fall.