“Coco” Viewers Hate That “Frozen” Short

The critics swooned and general audiences gave an A+ to Pixar and Disney’s new feature “Coco” this past Holiday weekend, but to enjoy that experience the latter group had to sit through something that’s not getting any love – the short film in front of it.

Pixar & Disney’s shorts have normally been met with praise, though there have been notable exceptions (looking at you “Lava”), but a Twitter poll conducted by Vox has revealed that audiences appeared to have had an overwhelmingly negative reaction to “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” the “Frozen” spin-off short that aired in front of “Coco”.

The reason? It’s not really a short. “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” was originally planned as an ABC holiday special and so runs a full twenty-one minutes long along with having a child-safe network TV sensibility. Critics and those who saw advanced screenings of “Coco” weren’t shown the ‘short’ either to likely stop it from possibly skewing reviews.

In fact there’s now reports some theaters in Mexico have just stopped playing “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” altogether after complaints. Whether U.S. and other global cinemas will follow suit isn’t clear, but this marks the previously unassailable “Frozen” brand being on the receiving end of some backlash.