Bening’s “Captain Marvel” Role Revealed?

Benings Captain Marvel Role Revealed

Identity is a big question mark not just for the main character in “Captain Marvel,” but also presently for the film’s potential audience in regards to two of its key characters – one played by Jude Law, the other by Annette Bening.

At present both characters are key to the origin of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and her emergence as Captain Marvel, but Marvel hasn’t released official names for their characters at this point.

Late last year the true identity of Law’s role was seemingly revealed via a toy leak. Now it appears another piece of tie-in merchandise has revealed Bening’s true identity in the film.


A photo from a tie-in story book at MCU Eternal indicates Bening’s role is that of the Kree Supreme Intelligence, a character normally portrayed as a giant head in a green jar in the comics. It also suggests Danvers’ powers are kept in check with an implant.


“Captain Marvel” is slated for release on March 8th.