Ben Affleck’s Future As Batman Uncertain

Ben Affleck will be hitting San Diego Comic Con tomorrow along with the rest of the cast of “Justice League” to help promote the superhero team-up feature.

So far the company line from everyone involved in the DCEU has been that Affleck will continue in that role for the near future, even as rumors have previously swirled about his dissatisfaction.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter says according to their sources, the studio is working on plans to gracefully usher out Affleck’s Batman. They also indicate the change, in whatever form it takes, will be addressed in one of the upcoming DC films. Just when and how it will happen has yet to be determined though.

Matt Reeves, who will direct the upcoming standalone “The Batman” films, has previously said that he means to keep Affleck in the role even as Affleck first stepped back from directing and now the script he co-wrote for the film has been ditched by Reeves.

Indications are Reeves is planning a grander story, potentially a trilogy, which is not necessarily something the soon to turn 45 years old Affleck is necessarily on board for. Filming on “The Batman” isn’t expected to happen until early next year.

Affleck will remain in the role for a little while yet at least as “Justice League” is in the midst of reshoots under the tutelage of Joss Whedon. The next trailer for ‘League’ is expected to be unleashed tomorrow following its premiere at the Comic Con panel for Warner Bros. Pictures.