AMC Head Says PVOD Talk Is Shrinking

It seemed like a serious possibility last year, but now the biggest theater chain in the world has reached a standstill with the major studios in regards to the possibility of a Premium VOD (PVOD) window.

Said window would see films released for high-cost digital streaming rental just 2-3 weeks after theatrical release. The push for PVOD reached fever pitch last year with several studios reportedly banding together to potentially hammer out a deal.

However the talk on that front has calmed down a bit with AMC Entertainment CFO Craig Ramsey telling investors at a Citi Global TMT West Conference in Las Vegas this week that it is “not the topic that it was earlier” and that the whole concept of the window “is a very complicated matter” with “no consensus” at this point according to Deadline.

For now, exhibition windows won’t change really. One of the next big experiments though will be next month’s “Annihilation” which will be released globally on Netflix seventeen days after the film hits U.S. cinemas.