Zach Braff To Direct “Rocket Cola”

Zach Braff To Direct Rocket Cola

Zach Braff will direct the drama “The Secret Ingredients of Rocket Cola” which hails from a Black List script by “Runaways” and “Kidding” producer Mike Vukadinovich.

The story follows the parallel paths of twin brothers who are separated for much of their lives. As adults, the two men fall in love with the same woman.

In spite of this tension, they agree to put aside their differences to attempt to salvage the eponymous soda company. Florence Pugh is currently attached to star though her “Black Widow” commitments may prevent it.

The project will mark Braff’s fourth directorial effort after 2004’s “Garden State,” 2014’s “Wish I Was Here” and 2017’s “Going In Style”.

Source: Collider