“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” Trailer Online Tonight

It has been confirmed that the first trailer for the upcoming “X-Men” film “Dark Phoenix,” the fourth film in the McAvoy-Lawrence-Fassbender led ‘First Class’ era, will go online tonight following its premiere as part of an interview with Sophie Turner on James Corden’s “The Late Late Show”.

While the trailer was expected to debut soon, a copy filmed via cellphone in a Russian cinema and mostly obscured popped up on Reddit yesterday and has probably hastened the official launch.

Simon Kinberg helms the film which is expected to be the final movie in the main series with the X-Men to be likely rebooted so they can be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at 20th Century Fox’s new owners Disney.

“Dark Phoenix” is set to arrive in theaters on February 14th 2019, and Omega Underground reported earlier this week that the studio is aiming to begin filming the Channing Tatum-led “X-Men” spin-off “Gambit” movie in New Orleans and Big Easy Studios one day later on February 15th.

Source: Trailer Track