Werner Herzog Praises “The Mandalorian”

New Details On Series For Mandalorian

The first reveal of footage from the live-action “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian” took place last month as part of the Star Wars Celebration convention where an extended scene and a featurette were shown.

The new show won’t debut for another six months yet, but the hope by many is the series will take us back to the style of the original “Star Wars” trilogy – not just in set and costume design but also in tone and feel as well.

There’s also the joy of the show’s casting, including the wonderful left-field choice of acclaimed documentarian Werner Herzog in a key role. The iconically voiced Herzog pops up randomly in films and TV on rare occasions, such as his role as the villain in “Jack Reacher,” and now here he’s taking on a secret role.

In a new video interview with the Associated Press, Herzog explained how he got the role and how he has little to no knowledge of the franchise:

“I was invited by Jon Favreau, who started this whole series, to act. I looked at the screenplays, and I had the feeling, although I know very little about Star Wars, that yes, I could do it. It’s a character in whom you cannot trust. And I said, yes, I can do that… I have to confess, I never saw a single [Star Wars movie]. I’ve seen some trailers, I’ve seen some excerpts here and there. I know about the whole franchise and about the toys for the kids.”

While he may not have seen the films, he’s still very aware of their cultural relevance and as a filmmaker he was seemingly left quite impressed by how it was shot in a way that is said to be quite different to most big budget fare thanks to tech advancement:

“The Mandalorian was filmed not like all the other Star Wars or other big event films [with] green screen, green screen everywhere, in the camera, motion control moving there. All of a sudden, you have a phenomenal step forward. As an actor, you see the entire planet on which you are. You see the landscape, you see the formation. The camera could even be handheld and move in between us, seeing the same landscape. It’s not green screen and artificiality. It brings moviemaking back to where it should be. It’s a phenomenal, phenomenal achievement.”

The show is set five years after the fall of the Empire, exploring an age which will be partly inspired by the end of the Samurai in Japan and the post-civil war west in America. Pedro Pascal plays a lone gunfighter of questionable moral character in the outer reaches of the galaxy and far from the authority of the New Republic.

The series premieres with Disney+ when it launches on November 12th.