WB CEO News Hijacked By SnyderCut Fanboys

Wb Ceo News Hijacked By Snydercut Fanboys

Yesterday, Warner Bros. Pictures announced the hiring of Ann Sarnoff as the studio’s new Chairman and CEO, replacing the outgoing Kevin Tsujihara who leaves amidst allegations of misconduct. She’s the first female CEO in the studio’s history and must deal with not only the new AT&T ownership but a shift-to-streaming future.

However, the Twitter thread that came from Warners’ announcement was hijacked by #ReleaseTheSnyderCut fanboys asking the new CEO to give them Zack Snyder’s “definitive cut of ‘Justice League'”. Snyder himself has been no help, fuelling the flames in recent months with the release of material of scenes not in the theatrical cut – even though his version of the film is reportedly not just unfinished but a long way from a remotely presentable product.

“Justice League,” which went on to be heavily retooled under Joss Whedon, was critically blasted and a major box office disappointment for the studio – leading to them effectively abandoning their joint DC universe plans in favor of more standalone entries. You can see the comments for yourself in the responses to the tweet by clicking here.

Source: The Playlist