“Venom” Gets A Rom-Com Blu-ray Trailer

Venom Gets A Rom Com Blu Ray Trailer

This Fall’s “Venom” played out like three films in one. There was a superhero origin drama that was woefully generic and a corporate malfeasance drama that was painfully bad. In fact, pretty much everything to do with Riz Ahmed’s villain and his dealings, and the origin of the symbiotes, is forgettable.

Yet the film can’t be entirely dismissed because within it lies something a bit different – a slapstick body horror romantic comedy that plays out like a (very) toned down David Cronenberg at his genre heights. From the sexual undertones and the fun lobster tank sequence to Michelle Williams’ line delivery and Hardy’s sweaty, manic performance – there’s really something there even if the film is too afraid to let its freak flag fly.

Sony, riding high on the film’s success, has now touched upon that angle with a new promo for the home video release of the film – an ad cut in the style of a more traditional rom-com and feels more akin to a “Deadpool” marketing campaign. “Venom” hits digital platforms on December 11th and Blu-ray/DVD on December 18th.